EOSA Mission: To promote the safe use and handling of ethylene oxide for sterilization purposes.

The Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Association (EOSA) is a non-profit organization whose members include medical device manufacturers, sterilization consultants, laboratories, contract sterilizers, and equipment manufacturers with a common interest in promoting the safe use of ethylene oxide. Our membership is primary composed of:

· Contract sterilizers
· Sterilization equipment manufacturers
· Analytical equipment and systems suppliers
· Ethylene Oxide suppliers
· Medical device manufacturers
· Consultants  

EOSA proactively addresses issues concerning Ethylene Oxide sterilization. Members are regularly updated on issues such as:

· Safety
· Industry news and happenings
· Federal and State Regulatory Matters (EPA, FDA, OSHA, NIOSH, DOT,etc)
· Research Activities
· Activities of other groups (AAMI, AdvaMed, etc.)

As an organization, EOSA works to educate industry, regulators, and the public on the uses and benefits of Ethylene Oxide. EOSA also works to improve safety standards, foster industry communication, and provide a forum for many subjects related to ethylene oxide sterilization.

EOSA is open to anyone (person or company) with an interest in Ethylene Oxide. For information on joining EOSA, membership dues, and additional information, please view our Membership page, and contact us at eosainfo@eosa.org.

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